Our Authentic Eskrima Techniques Prepare You For Any Self-Defense Situation!

Picture a self-defense class that goes beyond the ordinary, one that teaches you how to battle with sticks, spears, and knives while you protect yourself against vicious attackers. Just imagine you've got the skills to beat these attackers and go unscathed. If you take Kick Connection's Eskrima lessons, you will have this and more! 

From the Philippines, Eskrima is a powerful, weapon-based fighting style that will shape you as you learn its unique combination of swift attacks, punches, and kicks. So as you master Eskrima 's signature moves, you can develop self-defense skills unmatched by any attacker entering your path!

The Ultimate Eskrima Experience From Highly Experienced Instructors!

Learn from Eskrima world-class pros who are serious about Eskrima. Our twelve-time world champion school has influenced how the modern world is performing this extraordinary martial art. As a result, we have been honored in Eskrima Hall of Fame — so if you're serious about studying Eskrima, there's no better option! 

If you are a beginner to any martial arts form or have won trophies in other martial arts, we guarantee you'll enjoy learning Eskrima. And when you do, you'll also reap hundreds of benefits to Eskrima. Here's only a few:
  • Build cardiovascular endurance
  • Build speed, strength, and agility
  • Keep you safe from real-world dangers
  • Have the ability to leverage your attacker's weaknesses against them